At St Michael’s we take the issue of E-Safety very seriously. The children are taught how to stay safe whilst using the technology which is available to them in school. We have provided some E-Safety links below which may help you with some of the issues raised when using the internet at home. We hope that this information will help you if you need to discuss some of these issues with your child.

Social Media

We understand that social media is very appealing to children.  Many apps are free and offer quick and easy ways to send digital images as well as messages.  We educate the children about the risks involved in social media and encourage them to discuss anything that they see online which may make them feel uncomfortable.  Most of the main social media sites have an age restriction of at least thirteen years old.  Children younger than this do not have the maturity to deal with some information which may be available to them when using such sites.  We encourage children to be responsible internet users and to be aware of their digital footprint and the consequences of their actions online.  We also offer advice to parents about carefully monitoring their children when they are online. 

Click here to find out information for parents and carers regarding the use of WhatsApp.


We share the SMART rules with the children.  This is great advice to follow to stay safe online.